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 the Italian furniture brand, being abreast with time here already 85 years. The specialists of factory create furniture unique, with a sparkle: latest models with blameless quality and endless love to the business. And pleasure, got from creation of design of interiors, is an art. The tables or beds created by them are masterpieces of furniture production








the modern upholstered furniture is in a skin and fabric. All models differ the refined taste, are the result of harmonious combination of design and quality, guarantee a maximal comfort.


produces lamps, becomings the classics of the Italian industrial design. Creation of new vision of light and some new, prompted intuition elements of design, things "out of time"




during all existence makes happy by furniture which harmoniously combines in itself a luxury, a brevity and the latest actual tendencies of modern style is combination find-teca with the minimalism of new generation. The personal touches of JESSE is functionality and simplicity


produces chairs, tables and low dinner-wagons, cabinet-type furniture, beds, supports under TV and even lamps. All – in modern stilistike. The design of models is distinguished by strict geometry, predominance of juicy and bright paints.


Among the existing now European producers of kitchen furniture of HOME cucine takes seat leader in development and realization of project « Quality and safety». Spending time on a kitchen must be accompanied an absolute calmness and proper working functionality.





Giusti Portos


produces absolutely all spectrum of high-quality furniture in modern style. In different years Ron Arad co-operated with it, Karim Rashid, Mauro Lipparini and other prominent masters.

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